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6 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dental Filling

If you have recently got a filing and you want to make sure that the filing last. There are certain things you can do to keep the filling intact. Some tips that can help you before you get a dental filling include.

Be Mindful

As you might have been given an anaesthetic to help numb the area in the mouth. It is much more possible that you do not understand or feel the action like grinding, probing or biting. This can lead to you biting the teeth by accident causing you to weaken you filling.

Watch what you eat

This is one pro tip which can help keep you filling intact. Try to ensure that you eat from the other side of your moth for at least a day. Try to gradually build up your filling side by introducing soft foods. This might feel tender but eventually the pain will go away.

Avoid very hot and cold foods

After your filling it is possible that you might feel sensitivity around the filling which can result in your feeling sharp pain. Try to avoid any hot or cold food all together for some days and gradually introduce these foods to ensure you are not shocking yourself.

Be careful when brushing

Try avoid brushing until the filling is strong enough. If you want to brush if after a certain point, invest in a soft bristled teeth. Try to avoid that area as much as you can and try to be more closer to gum line rather you can start by flossing. This can help get you the clean but without irritating the teeth.

Think of the long term

Understand that your anaesthesia is going to wear off and you need to be prepared for the long term. Smoking and alcohol can weaken the filling. Also try to avoid any drinks like red wines, teas and coffee to help ensure that you don’t stain your teeth. Try to avoid these drinks to ensure that you get the maximum result.

Call your dentist if it comes loose

Most of the times the dentists will make sure that they rough the edges down. It is a normal thing for you to notice that some residue is falling off. This is completely normal but when you are seeing large chunks falling off. It is time to call your dentist. This can be that your dentist has not secured the filling enough. Also, it is a better that you get to your teeth checked which can require more filling and try to not eat anything at this point.

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